Words of Subversive Prisoner Juan Aliste for the Week of Agitation and Solidarity with Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarian Prisoners

Enemies of the State is not a slogan or a pamphlet, it is the conviction of life that allows us to travel upright and without return in the intense, violent and beautiful path of social war.

Confronting power without pauses, with a continuity of struggle, betting on anarchism and subversion to continue strengthening the urban guerrillas.

No prison or condemnation will stop the beat of the black hearts of our fights of struggle. Mónica and Fransisco, our complicity and love in war.

Solidarity and complicity with those who attack the powerful and repressers!!

Cancellation of military justice sentences for Marcelo Villarroel!!

Subversive, anarchists and Mapuche prisoners to the street!!

Juan Aliste Vega

Subversive prisoner

Rancagua Company prison, 6th region, territory occupied by the Chilean State, late August 2022.

From: Publicacion Refractario