Responsibility Claim for the Incendiary Attack against the Magistrates Court in Chalandri, Greece

“Or will they be left with only the stubborn desire to continue on their way and continue to risk themselves and everything else? An impetus perhaps to be tested and so that they may therefore have the courage to tell others that to be tested in this fierce struggle means de facto that you are creating, and therefore living now and not in some glorious future, the freedom that motivates and animates our steps.”

So here we are. At a time when capitalism and market domination, having exhausted the “solutions” for defusing the crises they themselves cause, choose to turn once again to arms. Another diffuse conflict between the “superpowers” and capital over the redistribution of the sources of wealth and the readjustment of spheres of influence. At the apparent end of the covid-19 global crisis, it is time to set the chessboard again.

So here we are to have to choose between starvation, cold or total burnout from a position in the daily galley of wage labor that does not provide even the basics. When the productive subject has the ability to produce but not to consume, bipolarities must be created, oppositions sharpened, fear cultivated, and the reason for loyalty and submission to the laws of the market and state dictates and disciplines re-justified.

The dilemma between imperialist invasions and NATO interests seems ridiculous to us. If the proletarians have no homeland, for every revolutionary subject the word is unknown.

We recognize only the freedom of choice and self-determination of individuals and peoples, without any illusions that this is possible in any authoritarian reality.

But our movements do not come in response to any particular political, military or economic situation. They do not come to fulfill any purpose beyond our own action. We do not assume a role that wants to indicate the politics of conflict.

The source of our attacks has been and will be our deep internal need for them. Our purpose is diffused in our own actions and is not separated from them.

We didn’t just strike “because it is politically necessary”. We struck because that is who we are. We struck because that is how we express ourselves. We strike because we are part of everyday violence and we acknowledge it without evasion. So we choose to be perpetrators in addition to receivers, thus returning a small part of the violence we receive.

We do not expect through our actions our personal self-cleansing. Every day we are confronted with our own lives and relationships (work, social, personal) in the competitive field of capitalist existence. Our strikes are only one manifestation of this struggle. A struggle without a beginning and end point, without breaks and truces.

But we do not forget the position and role of the judicial circuit. Just as we do not forget the bosses, the security forces and all forms and structures of oppression.

We therefore take responsibility for the placement of a high-powered device at the Magistrate’s Court in Chalandri on the night of March 8.

The pillars of liberal thought, as set out in the bourgeois revolution of 1789, are: liberty, equality, fraternity, and are very specific to the time. Freedom only in the market, equality in oppression and fraternity in the refinement of injustice.

As anarchists, communists, we do not consider it necessary to analyse, because we will stand against any system that imposes or even promotes the exploitation of man by man. The incessant plundering and destruction of nature on the altar of capitalist speculation. The repression, silencing and impoverishment of those who decide to stand up to barbarism with dignity.

Always with the tactics of insurrection; with an eye to the revolutionary perspective we will meet and divide until our actions and choices unite us, in the reality of social warfare, where we have never had difficulty in choosing a camp.

PS: The attack is dedicated to the memory of the dozens of workers who have died in the workers’ murders of the last period and to our captured comrades; we never forget you, we expect to meet again in the streets of Fire.

The Children of the Apartment Blocks

Machine-assisted translation of the following Greek-language post from the Athens Indymedia website: