HPG: 15 Invaders Punished

The activities of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas in memory of the Martyrs of May continue. 15 occupier Turkish soldiers were punished in the actions, and the tent was destroyed.

The historical resistance of our forces against the occupier Turkish state forces in the Zap and Avaşin regions continues. Our forces are fighting, fighting and inflicting heavy blows on the invaders in the most difficult conditions under the sacrificial spirit of the Apocalypse. The occupying Turkish army is constantly committing war crimes against our forces using chemical weapons. Although the invaders bombed the resistance positions 39 times with chemical weapons and explosives, our forces carried out many strong operations. As a result of these actions 15 occupiers were punished, one occupier was wounded and a military tent was destroyed.

Our forces in Zap and Avaşin, in the person of our immortal revolutionary leader Hakki Karer, took action to commemorate the Martyrs of May Day. Detailed information on the activities is as follows:


On 17 May at 17:00 hours in the resistance area of ​​Dilehid Dilgesh in Marvanos, the occupying forces, who were building a road for military purposes, were controlled by our forces and were closely beaten by the occupiers. As a result of this action 2 occupiers were punished, one occupier was also injured.

At 16:45 and 17:00 on 18 Gualn, our forces acted with heavy weapons and sabotage against the occupiers who wanted to drop bombs on the Werxel Resistance Area with chemical weapons. As a result of these actions the occupiers were forced to withdraw to a certain level?

On 18 May, between 10:00 and 18:00, the occupying Turkish army bombed the Werxel Resistance Area 22 times with chemical weapons and explosives.


At 12:30 on 18 May, the occupying forces attempted to enter the battlefields of the Resistance Area of ​​the Wounded Cave, our forces also assassinated the occupiers and as a result one occupier was punished. At 13:40 our forces this time attacked the invaders from a close place. As a result 4 occupants were punished. At 14:30 on the same day the invaders wanted to advance. Our forces once again attacked the invaders with hand grenades and personal weapons. As a result 2 occupants were punished. The bodies of the 2 occupiers who were punished did not remain in the area under the control of our forces, in the evening the occupier Turkish army was able to become a corpse.

At 05:10 on 19 May in the Resistance Area of ​​the Wounded Cave, the occupiers attempted to attack the battle positions with explosives. Our forces attacked the invaders with individual weapons. As a result the invaders exploded with the invaders and 2 invaders were punished.

At 18:10 on 18 May, an occupier’s tent was destroyed by our forces around the battlefields of the Berehîd Berxwedan area in the Şehîd xwedahîn Resistance Square. The number of occupants punished and those injured could not be determined.

At 12:30 on 18 May, our forces operated closely with individual weapons against the occupiers around the battlefields of Kevirkun in the Wounded Cave Resistance Area. As a result of this action 4 occupants were punished. The occupiers wanted to drop bombs on the area with two attack helicopters. With the intervention of our forces we were forced to leave the area.

On the night of 18 May, when attack helicopters attempted to bomb the area of ​​Qala Çemço, our forces fired on the helicopters. Attack helicopters were forced to withdraw from the area due to the intervention of our forces.

On 18 and 19 May, the occupying Turkish army bombarded the battle positions at Şehîd Berxwedan and the Resistance Square on Hell Hill 17 times with chemical weapons and explosives.


The occupying Turkish army bombed the Median Defense Areas dozens of times with warplanes, attack helicopters and artullery.

Information about the attacks is as follows:

On 18 May, the areas of Girê Amediyê, Girê Cudi, Girê FM, Karker, Girê Ortê, Çiyareş, Kurojahro, Saca, Çemço, Sîda and Girê Rûbar were attacked by howitzers from the border posts, attack helicopters and 29 warplanes. bombing.

On 18 May, Hakkari Hill in the Metin area was bombed twice by warplanes.

On 18 May, the warplanes of Girê Şekîf in the Xakurk region were bombed twice by warplanes.