Urgent Call From Comrades in Bogotá, Colombia – June 15h, 2022 

Dear comrades and allies,
We are an autonomous collective from Bogotá, Colombia, of radicals, activists, and Primera Linea (First Line) that grew from the resistance on the streets during the national strike in 2021 and before the pandemic in 2019 when the police killed some of our people protesting.

We are facing a moment of heightened tension on the eve of the presidential elections in Colombia, and due to our political and ideological militancy and activism, we are being persecuted by the state and their police forces, but also the right-wing extremists.
Under the complexity of the moment and the alerts given to us by close lawyers, we are on the lookout for being captured and our spaces and homes raided between now and at least until Sunday’s elections (June 19th).
The media put a target on our backs, spreading lies about our actions and motives, calling us terrorists.
We do not have enough resources to stay outside our homes or safe spaces, but we also don’t have resources for food or to support ourselves during these unpredictable days; that is why we approach you for your material solidarity but also for your help spread the word out there about the situation.
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