Children of Fire: Fascists’ Yachts in Tekirdag Port Set on Fire

The Children of Fire shared footage of action that took place in Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa marina and share a statement on their action:

In Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa marina, many yachts were set on fire and rendered unusable.

“As the Children of Fire initiative, we continue to move towards every target in every part of Turkey. The yachts that got their share of our last fire were the yachts and boats belonging to the Turkish fascists. It should be known that we will also hold accountable the capitalists who enjoy themselves on the beaches with the wealth gained through the exploitation of Kurdistan. Anyone who exploits the Kurds, sets fire to their villages or supports them will be our targets everywhere.

As Children of Fire, we promise; We will respond in the same language against exploitation and destruction.
On 23.07.2022, many boats and yachts belonging to fascists were burned by the Children of Fire Initiative in Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa marina.”

From: Nûçe Ciwan