Political Prisoner Dan Baker: Statement for Pushing Down the Walls September 18th Fundraiser

The United $tates of AmeriKKKa is a white supremacist terrorist organization. Their government strives for a monopoly on violence to defend their profits, acquired through the prison industrial plantation and wage slavery. They capture political opponents, even if they don’t break laws, making examples out of political prisoners in a campaign of terror and subjugation. Anyone who stands up for human rights, women’s liberation, animals or the environment is a potential, if not eventual political prisoner. This government no longer represents the interests of the people of North America, or the world and they never did. It is vital that we, a global community, train to fight and win our freedom.

I’m known as a militant personality, I’ve been training and fighting my whole life, and I still get my ass kicked when I fight big people. If we want liberation, lives worth living, we need to be strong, healthy and coordinated as a family that defends itself from extinction and humiliation at the hands of violent fascists, racists and dogmatic fanatics. They are working daily to out shoot you, run you down and beat you to death. Whoever works harder will win that fight. Join ABCF-OC on September 18th 2022 to train together and help support Political Prisoners. We need you!

Send letters or questions to:

Dan Baker #25765-509

PO BOX 34550

Dan’s Support Crew

IG: @freedanbaker

From: Anarchist Black Cross of Orange County