Words of Anti-Authoritarian Prisoner Juan Flores for the Week of Agitation and Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

“Humility as the basis for the growth, development and strengthening of anti-authoritarian ideas”

For what we continue in war!!

Because we continue to clear the paths that will direct us towards the long-awaited revenge, giving continuity to our insurrectional yearning.

Together with Maury and Angry!!!

Together with Ravachol, Severino, Mateo Morral, Sante and all our brothers and sisters who have fallen rabid and thirsty for revenge!!!

These words are born and fly free from the Las Gonzalinas Extermination Center in Rancagua, greeting in a fraternal and complicit way the insurgent act of each individual who in any place of the globe resists a death in monotony in the suffocating life of total control . Also to that brothers and sisters who at the tip of insubordinate creativity have decided to solidarize this week of agitation.

I have declared and acted as an individual in confrontation to the powerful and their repressive devices, making it clear that anti-authoritarian ideas, anger against the prevailing order and the memory that make me up will not be bent either by their long sentences or by their prisons. In this sense, my transit at war within prison such as all the anti-authoritarian brothers and sisters is a call to everyone for the exacerbation of conflict and anarchic action in an unbridled way and against all forecast. Today, almost 8 years after my confinement, I can share the result of a life in rebellion in which humility has been the basis for maintaining the continuity of my anti-authority struggle in these dungeons. Each step, decision and even each error have been educative, never regretful or ignoring or despising the courage of all the comrades through the centuries of fighting the power, which I consider continuity, without always questioning even my own steps. Today I continue to strongly strengthen the certainties of our infinite denial capacities of the existing to break the captivity, its norms, logic, control and all its order in everyday life and the clandestine in anti-authoritarian complicity. For this, there are no absolute or manual truths that can be more than our yearnings for freedom, dignity and rebellion; for many the anti-authoritarian struggle seems to extinguish, many would accommodate them, but for our pleasure and concern, our rebellion will continue to exist.

Juan Alexis Flores Riquelme

Anti-authoritarian prisoner

From: Publicacion Refractario