1st Colonial House West of the Mississippi Torched

These militants acknowledge these actions take place on stolen land.

On the mornings of 8/30 and 9/20 militants, acting in solidarity and remembrance of the George Floyd uprising and the continuous struggle for change, conducted incendiary attacks on the John Steven’s House in Minnehaha park. A building, labeled by fascist and liberals alike as “the first settlement west of the Mississippi River”. Whether this is true or not, anarcho-pyro militants found extreme joy in watching flames spread from our matches to the old rotting symbol of settler-colonialism. And why is something so old and rotten and canceled defended to the bone by political dogs? We do not know but maybe “England” does.

But flames do not spring and take hold of oppressed structures on joy or opportunity alone. The flames dance in beautiful wonder when anarcho-pyros are reminded of the love they share with our comrades—here and gone. The flames dance because no one is forgotten.

A reminder:

a fire burns in autumn,
for the kids who die,
a fire burns in autumn
oh my oh my watch how we fly

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