Seminole County Republican and Democrat Offices Painted

To the Seminole County Republican and Democrat offices,
fuck you both.

We painted your offices. We will not address the baseless claims of “antisemitism” for they are lies told to foster sympathy for zionists. We have no sympathy for anyone comfortable with the genocide of Palestinian citizens. The word “nazis” was written to deface Republican party imagery.

That being said, we believe you are both complicit in the rise of fascism in this city and state. The Republicans deep throat lies fabricated about Immigrants and Trans Youth. While the Democrats stand by and chastise people who didn’t vote for their party that does nothing.

To tell someone to vote is to tell them to wait. How long can a child, who can’t afford school lunches, wait? How long can a pregnant person, forced to carry a fetus to term while it’s killing them, wait? How long can someone being evicted wait?

We’re done waiting. We refuse to play your electoral games, pandering to the fascists genocidal ideations. Hemming and hawing over respectability politics and “taking the higher road”.

We will take what we want from the people hoarding it behind paywalls and voting systems. We don’t need your approval and we don’t need to vote for you to waste our time.

Fuck both parties.

We despise how you waste our time and lives with empty promises. We despise how you grift off the poor and desperate. Promising solutions to the problems you create and maintain. We despise the system you uphold and defend. For you defend a broken manipulative system better than you defend the constituents you were elected to help.

Fuck your votes.
Fuck your system.

To the “concerned voters”: You Cannot Vote The Fascism Away. The Time Has Come To Disobey!

Received by email.