Fire of Solidarity for Alfredo Cospito by Autonomous Cell Anna Maria Mantini in Berlin, Germany

In the early hours of 31 October, we set fire to a van belonging to the GA-Tec company. This company for building and facilities management technology is 100% owned by the Sodexo group and runs prisons itself (in England and Chile) and is a big profiteer of the prison industry. The van burnt out in the Lichtenberg district, where a number of cars have been burnt recently.

Not only to cause damage to the company, but out of an inner motivation we could not help but make such an attack against our oppressors. The news that the comrade Alfredo Cospito is being tortured in the so-called “41bis” regime of justice by the Italian state leaves us anything but indifferent. Alfredo is not only to be muzzled, his existence is on the verge of extinction. We unite with his militant push. Together with his hunger strike, we break the total isolation. We also call on all other comrades to take direct action now and decisively shorten the reaction time of the anarchist international struggle. To snatch Alfredo Cospito from the regime of extermination and unleash a revolutionary force in the coordinated offensive. Not to live in prison or in the isolation regime means a great responsibility. In the struggle combined with hunger strikes, we cannot wait until the prisoner also has to go on thirst strike.

Militant campaigns triggered by hunger strikes can open up a substantial anti-capitalist perspective. Metropolises can be transformed into jungles where the infrastructure of the ruling classes could be completely destroyed if its inhabitants decided to do so. Prison profiteers, arms companies, police contractors, construction corporations – their glass facades, vehicles and data lines that are encroaching on the habitats of our class in increasingly dense urban centers or being used to try and protect themselves in their own sanctuaries. Just like how the GA-Tec/Sodexo van we attacked was engulfed in a high-rise precariat housing estate, it could become commonplace for the logistics of power as the intensifying class antagonisms and the militant campaigns of the anarchist milieu develop a common approach.

Solidarity also to Juan Sorroche and Ivan, who immediately joined Alfredo’s struggle and are also on hunger strike.

Freedom for them and also for Giannis Michailidis, Claudio Lavazza and Toby Shone.

Victory to the Mapuche struggle!

Death to the state, long live anarchy!

Autonomous Cell “Anna Maria Mantini”


translated by Nae Midion